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Disability Initiative

Cognitive and Communication

Many clients who attend DI have neurological conditions such as stroke, MS or acquired brain injury. These conditions can affect both cognitive skills and communication skills, the result of which can be catastrophic to both the individual, their family and work life. At DI we provide structured groups to maintain or improve these specific skills and provide support and guidance where necessary.

Memory Skills

Work on maintaining and improving your memory skills, using memory strategies, including diary management, memory games, practical activities, memory aides and equipment. Open to all clients who experience difficulties.

Cognitive Skills

Develop strategies and skills to improve memory, time management, planning, problem solving and prioritising tasks in a small group with other clients who have similar issues. Advice is provided on basic behaviour and fatigue management. This group is specifically for clients with an acquired brain injury.

Diary Management

Develop skills for diary management and planning your weekly activity. This group is designed specifically for clients with acquired brain injury.

Speech and Communication

For those with aphasia or communication difficulties. Participate in a group with clients who have similar communication issues. Join in a variety of activities designed to maximise your communication abilities and build your confidence to communicate with others. Gain support from others in a group environment.