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Disability Initiative


DI is proud to have partners - experts in their field!

Disability Initiative and BAM Nuttall feel very fortunate that they have entered into an interdependent, mutually agreed, sustainable relationship.

To have two diverse organisations working together on a journey which has environmental, economic and social dimensions can only mean one thing – improved and changed lifestyle and wellbeing practices for staff of both organisations.

BAM provides DI with a vast range of support at all levels from senior directors to their office teams with many staff volunteering to support DI’s physically disabled adults in their educational, social health and wellbeing activities and programmes. In turn, DI provides an opportunity for BAM staff to push their own personal boundaries in terms of personal development, confidence, understanding, equality and diversity.

Forming, evolving and committing to this sustainable relationship has had a positive impact on both the local and wider community including DI’s partners and related associations.

The British Red Cross piloted their unique inclusive first aid programme at DI, designed to work with groups or individuals who may require a more flexible approach to learning first aid skills. The inspiring programme is designed to provide a more flexible approach to learning first aid skills and increase confidence, independence and the ability to react in a crisis.

DI has a long and beneficial association with Srrey Heath Borough Council which includes anything from support with grants, equipment, expertise and practical assistance from the Camberley Theatre and Conference Centre to their invaluable Dial-A-Ride service. A very productive relationship!

Since 2001, The Farnham & District Association for the Disabled (FDSAD) has been providing DI’s aspiring sailors with a wide range of small boat sailing. Frensham Pond Sailability provides first class sailing facilities and training for disabled people at the beautiful setting of Frensham Pond Sailing Club, near Farnham.

The ability to appreciate and respond to music is an inborn quality in human beings. Parity’s Music Therapist enables DI’s clients to benefit from the power of music and release potential.

Rushmoor Healthy Living is a founder member of the Healthy Living Alliance and provides exercise classes and opportunities for DI clients to improve their health and wellbeing.

DI also works in partnership and has associations with many other government bodies, organisations, voluntary services and private companies that interact with us on an occasional basis.

The list of partners and associates is endless. Some are long standing and some are project based but all, past, current and future have had or will have a significant and positive impact on the work of DI.