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Disability Initiative

Functional Mobility

These sessions are designed to maintain or improve function and mobility and are tailored to individual needs or requirements.

Our sessions include:


Use one of our MOTOmeds, a motor-assisted movement therapy trainer that can be smoothly controlled according to level of muscle strength. Ideal for wheelchair users, the MOTOmed can be used for assistive and active movement training. Using a MOTOmed on a regular basis can help you to maintain flexibility, rediscover residual muscle strength and help to reduce spasticity as well as contributing to your overall wellbeing.

Support with Exercise and Mobility

Use the plinth, parallel bars, standing frame and other equipment available to practice walking, standing, posture and home exercises to maintain mobility and physical conditioning. One to one supervision and support can be offered if required.

Personal Fitness

Get moving and join a fun exercise group facilitated by a trained personal fitness instructor. Include stretches, resistance and mild cardio exercises. Suitable whether you are a wheelchair user or ambulant.

Morning Exercises

Get ready for the day with a gentle warm up and stretch to music. A seated exercise group suitable for all!


Enjoy this social group activity which is similar to French boules. Throw, kick or use a ramp to propel a ball onto the indoor 'court' with the aim of getting closest to a 'jack' ball. Fun and fitness rolled into one!

Community Leisure and Sport

Utilise the local sports centre to swim or use the gym facilities. You will have one to one supervision and support for this activity if required. Price based on individual need.

Horse Riding

If you are confident and have good upper body balance enjoy riding with assistance from an experienced staff member. This activity is provided in conjunction with Riding for the Disabled and is on an availability basis. Own transport arrangements may be required. Price based on individual need.

Sailing for the Disabled

An opportunity to sail on Frensham Ponds. This service is provided in conjunction with ‘Sailability’ on an availability basis only. Own transport arrangements are required and price is based on individual need.

Non Contact Boxing

A great activity for those of you who wish to improve cardiovascular fitness, balance, mobility and muscle strength. In attending the local boxing club you will be able to participate at your own pace and according to your individual level of ability, whether you are able to stand or need to use a wheelchair or have never boxed before. One to one support and guidance is provided from a professional boxing coach and you will be given the opportunity to ‘glove up’ and practice punch combinations or use punch bags in structured training sessions. Boxing is an effective stress reliever and helps to provide increased level of self-esteem and achievement for all who participate.