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Disability Initiative

Learning at Disability Initiative

At DI, we understand that people have widely differing learning styles but we believe everyone should have an opportunity to learn. We encourage people to recognise their own potential and work towards their personal goals, whether it is learning for fun, towards work or personal development.

We currently offer a variety of educational sessions during the week on a group or individual basis.

Clients are supported at a level according to their specific needs.

We have a variety of tutors and volunteers who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the sessions and encourage further learning.

As a client at DI here are some of the activities available:-

Literacy and Numeracy

Develop your reading and writing skills or improve your maths and number skills.

Inclusive First Aid

Boost your confidence and independence in coping with an emergency. Learn basic first aid skills and improve your ability to deal with day to day accidents. Complete a certificated course facilitated by the British Red Cross.

Introduction to Computers

Unsure how to get started with using a computer? Need some more advice to build on your computer skills or to surf the internet? We can help. Find out which keyboard, mouse, monitor etc is the most appropriate for you. Learn the basic computer skills in our state of the art computer suite.

Internet Research

Learn how to use the internet, reply to emails and use social network websites. Find out how to use Skype for free, do research, shop online or just find out about new technology.

Basic Digital Photography

Learn the basics of how to use your digital camera and have fun manipulating and editing photos. Design your own compositions and learn how to download your photos onto your pc at home.

Web Design

Try your hand at creating your very own personalised website. Learn how to create hyperlinks, buttons, home pages and photo galleries.

BSL and Communication Skills

Learn the basics of British Sign Language and have the opportunity to practice with others to improve your general communication skills.

Modern Technologies

For those who like 'gadgets and gizmos', from cameras to laptops, iPhones to iPads. Look at how these can be used to have fun or can help you practically in day to day living.

Personal Development

In a group setting explore your personal goals, improve awareness, confidence and self-esteem. Look at ways to develop talent and potential and realise your aspirations.