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Disability Initiative

Social and Leisure

DI offers an extensive range of social and leisure activities that are available to everyone.

From socialising with friends, being creative in groups or individually, from the light hearted to the serious. we offer a range of social and leisure activities including hobby, craft, sport or skill. Indoor or outdoor.

As a client at Disability Initiative, the following activities are available:-

Games, Quizzes and Social Activities

Make friends and join an afternoon of fun, games and quizzes in a group setting, with support if required. Games include Scrabble, Rummicub, Chess, Othello and Dominoes.

Music or Film Appreciation

Explore and experience music throughout the ages and look at a range of different musical genres. Recall the soundtrack to your life. Reminisce and re live those musical moments whether you were into punk, soul or rock and roll? Choose, watch and discuss a film with your group. Research your favourite actors/directors/genres to promote discussion and enjoy the 'cinema-like' experience. Eat your heart out Jonathan Ross!

Book Club

If you love books and reading or for those of you who would like to get back into reading this is the group for you. Utilise the library, discuss different authors, styles of writing, stories etc. Additional support to read provided as required. Or for something different chill out, relax and enjoy listening and discussing your chosen books in a friendly and relaxing group setting.

All About Words

Explore how languages develop, why some are similar to others and some are completely different. Explore the origin of words, phrases and names, different alphabets in the world and the origin of writing and its development to the present day.

Debating and Discussion Group

Challenge your debating skills with a new topical subject each week. Agree or disagree? Either way you can expect lively conversation from all who take part. Get that grey matter going! Discuss current affairs, share your opinions about issues that are important to you and promote discussions with others by challenging their views and opinions.

Poetry and Creative Writing

Explore the power of words, from traditional poetry to modern rap. Share your likes and dislikes, research a favourite piece of writing or try your hand at creative writing yourself.

Human Body

Learn how your body works. Look at the bones of the skeleton, the muscles and the digestive and nervous systems. Covers very basic anatomy and physiology.


How do we perceive things? How do we make decisions? What is group conformity? Look at answers to these questions and more. This group will look at various popular topics related to psychology and debate issues.

Petrol Heads

From Ferraris to Formula One. From armoured cars to tanks. If you love cars and want to learn more about them, then join in and have lots of fun! Learn interesting facts, watch videos and more.

Wild Animals and Pets

From tigers to pet cats. Learn about what they eat, how they live and how to care and look after them.

Family History

Who do you think you are? A beginners' guide to family history research. Investigate the different sources of information available on the internet, through online magazines, and archives. Discover your own family history on the computer and web.

Discover History

Explore history and find out about fashion, events, people and music of the time through literature, photos and film. What took place? What shook the world? Gain an insight into how events affected the lives of people living at that time and how it has influenced us today.

Conspiracy Theories

Research and discuss the great conspiracy theories, from the assassination of John F Kennedy to the moon landing. Is Elvis still alive? Who blew up the World Trade Centre?

Language and Culture

Sprechen sie Deutsch? Hablas Espanol? Learn some basic phrases in different languages that will enable you to initiate conversation, and express yourself. Covers culture, traditions and a variety of topics such as travel, food and shopping.

Active Computer Games

Compete with friends or even challenge yourself. Have fun using games consoles such as the Wii or X-Box.


Escape from the hectic multi-tasking world and discover the benefits of gardening in DI's accessible courtyard garden.

Excursions and Visits

Have the opportunity to join one of our regular trips to visit a variety of local attractions. Past visits have included Milestones Museum, Brooklands Museum, Wisley Gardens and Marwell Zoo.