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Disability Initiative

Cisco Giving back day - June 2015

Cisco Giving back day - June 2015

22 Jun 2015

DI welcomed a team of 50 Cisco employees as part of the annual Cisco giving back event.

The aim of the day was to enhance the partnerships between the Charity and the company.

The Cisco team gave of themselves, their skills and abilities to assist DI and its clients.

DI in turn provided disability and brain injury awareness training and enabled Cisco staff to have a full insight into the challenges physical disability and brain injuries can bring. This day involved a number of goal orientated activities including a DJ workshop, boxing, vocal singing performance and a ‘mission impossible’ scavenger hunt around Camberley.

The integration between DI and Cisco was magnificent, the day was truly synergistic and all goals were met. It was about everyone’s unique abilities, their tenacity and lots of fun and laughter.

Quotes from clients

I had a really good time and enjoyed myself. Hugh O

Such a wonderful day. It’s been the best day and one to remember. Brenda H

Very enjoyable day. It was my first one and I look forward to more days in the future like this one. Shamus M