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Disability Initiative

DI provides much needed recognition for Carers

DI provides much needed recognition for Carers

Carer's having fun decorating Christmas cakes

11 Apr 2016

Every day informal Carers give of themselves and an unfathomable amount of energy and effort, both physical and emotional, to support and look after someone. DI recognises the dedication, selflessness and commitment of these remarkable people and with the help of a grant from Surrey Heath Borough Council, the 'Grass Roots Fund', set up the Carer's Group. The aim is to provide individuals with the opportunities to re-establish themselves, recognise their own aspirations, set goals, create visions and be energised. Once a month the group come together to share, laugh and learn, with guest speakers, practical activities and interesting events.

Last month, the Mayor showed how much the Community respect the work of Carers by holding a 'Wine and Cheese' Thank you in the Mayor's Parlour. Carers were treated to a tour of the space, excellent live music, great food and wine and a chance to converse with many local Councillors who actively support DI's mission.

This month, our Patron, The Countess of Wessex, will be attending a private lunch for the Carers to recognise their extraordinary contributions to those they care for. We look forward to sharing pictures after the event on Thursday 28th April.